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News Release

Student wildland firefighters offered deadline extensions at LCSC

Lewis-Clark State College students who are fighting wildland fires across the West are able to take advantage of deadline extensions offered by the College.
There are a number of large wildfires burning in the West, with the largest in south-central Idaho. LCSC is extending deadlines for student firefighters with regard to course enrollment, fee payment, student housing, and withdrawal from classes.
The Registrar's Office is coordinating any requests made by student firefighters concerning classes. The Residence Life Office is coordinating requests concerning student housing.
To notify the College about their firefighting status, students or family members should contact Nikol Luther, LCSC Registrar & Director of Admission at 208.792.2210 or [email protected]. For information and notification about housing, they should contact Debbie Kolstad, Director of Residence Life at 208.792.2053 or [email protected]