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LCSC psychology professor to speak about 'Beauty and Hate' Thursday afternoon at CAH

LEWISTON, Idaho - The LCSC Center for Arts & History (CAH) presents guest speaker Dr. Rhett Diessner, LCSC Professor of Psychology, as part of the Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate Speakers Series.  Diessner’s talk, “Beauty and Hate: Looking for the Good in Everyone” is Thursday, November 7, starting at 4:00 p.m. at the CAH.

“Beauty and Hate: Looking for the Good in Everyone” is based on the premise that somewhere, inside everyone, there is inner beauty.  In his research, Diessner has found that “even those who hate others have at least some small ember of beauty glowing in their psyche (this is a working hypothesis; it’s difficult to disconfirm through evidence)”.  Diessner says one methodology to help others learn not to hate is to practice looking for the good in others, especially in the “haters.”  The theoretical underpinning of the presentation is based on Stanford Professor Nel Noddings’ Philosophy of Caring, and on the virtue approach of Positive Psychology.

Diessner earned his doctorate in Human Development from Harvard, and his masters in Educational Psychology from the University of Oregon.  His current research interest is engagement with natural, artistic, and moral beauty.  His latest book is Psyche and Eros: Baha’i Studies in a Spiritual Psychology, published by George Ronald Publishers, Oxford, 2007.

Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate Speakers Series is brought to the Center for Arts & History through sponsorships from: LCSC Continuing Education & Community Events; Shekinah Christian Community, and through grants from US Bancorp, Idaho Commission on the Arts, and National Endowment for the Arts.

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