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News Release

Street closure will have some effect on access and parking near LCSC campus

LEWISTON, Idaho – Storm drainage work being done by the City of Lewiston in the 600 and 700 blocks of 8th Avenue beginning Tuesday, February 18, will affect access to the campus from 8th Avenue and also impact parking on 8th Avenue.

According to Joe Kaufman, Storm Water Program Coordinator, the project is expected to take about four weeks as crews install new storm drainage pipes and manholes.  Kaufman said the work will begin at the intersection of 8th Avenue and 6th Street and progress to the east.  The intersections at both 8th Avenue and 6th Street and 8th Avenue and 7th Street will be closed while the work is being done on those intersections.  The intersection at 8th Avenue and 6th Street should be re-opened by Thursday or Friday, according to Kaufman.

For more information contact Joe Kaufman at 208.790.8800 or [email protected].