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Lunar eclipse viewing on Monday night

LEWISTON, Idaho – A total lunar eclipse will take place early Tuesday morning, April 15, at around 12:45 a.m.  LCSC Assistant Professor of Physics John Morrison is organizing a viewing of the eclipse beginning Monday night at the overlook at the top of the Lewiston Hill, just off U.S. 95 on the Old Spiral Highway.  The viewpoint is accessible by exiting 95 headed in either direction.

“The eclipse starts around 11 p.m. Monday night,” said Morrison. “We’ll have a telescope set up to watch the eclipse, as well as Mars and Saturn which should also be visible.”

Morrison recommends bringing warm clothes, a chair, and perhaps binoculars.  He reminds anyone viewing the eclipse that, unlike solar eclipses, it is safe to look at a lunar eclipse with the naked eye.

For more information about the viewing please contact John Morrison at 208.792.2344 or [email protected].