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Lewis-Clark State College heritage treasure hunt

LEWISTON, Idaho - Lewis-Clark State College is on a treasure hunt - a hunt for its heritage.  In December 1917, the school’s administration building came close to being completely destroyed in a fire.  While firefighters saved much of the original building and the west wing then under construction, the entire 1906 east wing fell victim to the blaze.  A collapsing wall came close to killing two Lewiston firefighters.

The fire wiped out the college’s records and library.  The books were replaced, but the transcripts and other records from 1896 to 1917 were lost.  Any artifacts, memorabilia, and documents that survived did so in the collections of alumni, all of whom are now deceased.  Those items may now be housed among family archives across the United States.

Beginning in November, Lewis-Clark State College will initiate a “harvest” to locate and register diplomas, teaching certificates, catalogues, bulletins, textbooks, student publications, souvenirs, and possibly remnants from the debris carted off from the old east wing, which was never rebuilt.

The goal is to create a comprehensive digital registry of items, from which exhibits can be developed or historians can access specific materials for research.  Items will not be collected for storage at the College.

Lewis-Clark State College appreciates assistance with this important historical project, locating LCSC’s lost heritage.

For additional information, please contact Theresa Chrisman at 208.792.2240 or [email protected]

Photo: 1905 student class