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Lewis-Clark State College and College of Western Idaho expand transfer agreement

NAMPA, ID - On Tuesday (Feb. 3), College of Western Idaho (CWI) and Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC) signed an agreement to expand a transfer partnership between the two institutions. The partnership is aimed at providing opportunities for CWI students transferring to LCSC with Associate of Art (AA), Associate of Science (AS), or Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees.

The articulation agreement designates that upon completion of an AA or AS from CWI a student will be recognized by LCSC as core certified. Meanwhile, students completing an AAS at CWI are eligible to transfer into a Bachelor of Applied Science or Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Technology degree program at LCSC with junior standing.

As part of the new agreement LCSC has designated a pair of scholarships specifically for CWI graduates, in addition to transfer scholarships available to any transfer student who meets the criteria and applies by the March 1 deadline. LCSC will also continue to provide on-campus support for CWI students with admission, registration, financial aid, advising, and credit transfer questions.

"Idaho is one state and we have one publicly supported education system,” says LCSC President J. Anthony Fernández. “This agreement between LCSC and CWI is another fine example of this fact. We look forward to expanding the higher education opportunities for Idahoans so ably served by CWI."

Since 2010, 63 students have transferred to LCSC from CWI. The growing collaboration has been most apparent in recent years as 52 percent of those students have transferred in just the past three semesters.

"At College of Western Idaho, we are proud to be a gateway to postsecondary education for southwest Idaho and encourage our students to continue their education beyond their success at CWI," states CWI President Bert Glandon. "We are thrilled to formalize an enhanced commitment with our partners at Lewis-Clark State College. Additional opportunities to access such a fine institution will be a great advantage for our students."

Photo:  LCSC President J. Anthony Fernández and CWI President Bert Glandon shake hands after signing the new articulation agreement.