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Silverthorne Theatre presents ‘Loves Me (Not)’

LEWISTON, Idaho – Join the dedicated actors of The Loves Me (Not) Devising Company as they perform the story within us all: “Loves Me (Not): A Meditation on Love from the Works of William Shakespeare.” Performances are scheduled for 7:30 p.m., April 30 - May 2, in the newly renovated Silverthorne Theater in the Administration Building at Lewis-Clark State College. Admission is free with a suggested donation of $5 to fund a class trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Taking Shakespeare out of the land of Elizabethan England, and into the modern world of one party, 22 characters, and too many red Solo cups, “Loves Me (Not)” explores the transcendence of romance over time and the universality of the emotions that drive people—regardless of class, family, war, greed and pride—to fall into deep, sometimes maddening, love.

Romeo and Juliet proclaim their love once more, but this time in 2015. Lady Macbeth continues to plot her move to power, however, instead of doing it in a medieval castle, she opts for a modern rager. Beatrice and Benedick continue their squabbles, yet in a vast land of beer pong, Beliebers and Barbie doll beauty.

“Loves Me (Not)” is a one-act performance directed by Professor Nancy Lee-Painter and compiled by Professor Peter Remien, and LCSC students Kristen Ahrens, Emily Akin and Evva Koyle. Comprising of scenes from some of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays and sonnets, this show seeks to unite a diverse audience in contemplation over the unavoidability and complexities of love in its innumerable forms.

For more information contact Emily Akin at [email protected], Kristen Ahrens at [email protected], or Nancy Lee-Painter at [email protected].