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News Release

Rubik’s Cube magician Brundage will perform at LCSC on April 29

LEWISTON, Idaho – New York magician Steve Brundage will give a free performance on Saturday, April 29, at 8 p.m. at the Lewis-Clark State College Silverthorne Theatre as part of LCSC’s Family Weekend.

The event takes place on Dogwood Festival weekend at the college and is sponsored by the Warrior Entertainment Board.

Brundage, 25, is perhaps best known for his Rubik’s Cube routine, which includes a trick where he has people turn a cube while he turns another cube and they wind up with every square being the exact same on all sides. He also has solved a Rubik’s Cube behind his back while blindfolded.

Brundage got his big break when he was pulled over by a policeman in New York while driving. When he said he was a magician, the officer asked him to do a magic trick, which he did with a Rubik’s Cube. The officer was impressed and let him off without a ticket. The incident was caught on video and it eventually received more than 15 million hits on You Tube.

Brundage has now been seen on television shows in Russia, Japan, and Britain as well as on television shows in the United States, such as ABC's “Good Morning America” (December 2014), NBC's “Today Show” (December 2015), “Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon” (July 2015), “Penn and Teller's Fool Us” (August, 2015), “The Steve Harvey Show” (January 2015) and “America’s Got Talent” (August 2016). In addition, his magic has been mentioned in several publications, including The Huffington Post, New York Daily News, Buzzfeed, and The Daily Mail.

Specializing in stage, walk-around, and close-up performances, Brundage's adaptive show is the embodiment of modern magic – hilarious, astonishing, and consisting of new and original tricks.

For more information on the performance, contact the LCSC Warrior Entertainment Board at [email protected] or call 208 792-2069.