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News Release

LCSC looks to again partner to offer dental hygiene in the future

LEWISTON, Idaho – Lewis-Clark State College is exploring a new partnership for delivery of dental hygiene education on its Lewiston campus, beginning in the fall of 2019.

Since 2008, LCSC has operated a two year dental hygiene program in association with Lane Community College of Eugene, Ore. This collaboration was initiated as the result of a federal grant received by Lane to provide dental hygiene education to rural communities that lacked access to this type of education.

In November of 2016, Lane officials notified LCSC it was dissolving the agreement. LCC has continued to teach the students who were already admitted to the program at the time of that announcement through this spring semester, but has not accepted any new students. LCSC will not offer a dental hygiene program during the 2018-19 academic year.

Up to six students graduated from LCC each year from the Lewiston site with a dental hygiene degree, and this is expected to be the capacity of a new program as well.

“We thank Lane Community College for its decade long partnership with LCSC,” LCSC Provost Lori Stinson said. “Aside from offering a program to meet the needs of area dental clinics, Lane provided an opportunity for local students to remain in Lewiston for the two year program. We are also indebted to the local program manager, Vonda Mulrony, the staff, advisors, adjunct instructors, dentists who provided services in the clinic, and those who served on the advisory committee.”

As a new dental hygiene program is developed, it is anticipated that students will complete prerequisite coursework through LCSC and then will be eligible to apply for admission into the dental hygiene program. If accepted, students can earn a degree in dental hygiene while studying on LCSC’s campus.

“LCSC has engaged in several partnerships with Idaho institutions and we expect the dental hygiene program to be another successful shared venture,” Stinson said.