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Recent LCSC-CdA graduate Ellenbecker attends national millennial meetings

COEUR D’ALENE – Recent Lewis-Clark State College graduate Lexi Ellenbecker attended the National Millennial Community’s spring meetings in both Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. earlier this year.

Ellenbecker, who graduated from LCSC-Coeur d’Alene in May with a degree in business and communication, and a minor in marketing, attended the two cities during a four-day trip. She was part of a team that spoke with influential individuals from leading organizations. The conversations were designed to provide access and understanding to the diversity that guides millennial thinking.

The National Millennial Community was founded in 2015 and brought together people to start conversations about millennial thinkers and the millennial generation. The NMC sponsors think tank conversations and summits across the United States to engage the media, business leaders, the government and millennials to help change the perception of the millennial generation.

NMC’s goal is to raise the standard of millennial thought and challenge the misconceptions created by the generation gap. Millennials represent nearly one-fourth of the population in the United States.

Ellenbecker, who was born and raised in Coeur d’Alene, said she heard about the trip to the two cities only about two weeks ahead of time, but quickly jumped at the opportunity to attend.

“I had visited Washington D.C. in the past, but not in the way we were to on this trip,” Ellenbecker said of the itinerary. “I suspected those three and half days would be fast paced, intimidating, and filled with incredible conversations. While being a bit out of my comfort zone, I knew I was not alone in my anxiousness. I wasn’t only nervous to meet big name executives, but the members of NMC as well.”

Ellenbecker said after she arrived in D.C., she attended a dinner with 30 undergraduate and graduate students, along with some NMC staff and former members, and had the chance to get to know some of the other attendees.

“The people on this trip were so different in the best way possible,” she said. “The members genuinely want to know about you and your opinions on various topics. I loved how on the shuttle, during meals, and any time the group had free time, there were conversations amongst everybody. There wasn’t a quiet moment on this trip.”

During the trip, Ellenbecker said the group spoke with 12 companies and organizations, including Lockheed Martin and Sikorsky, PBS, the Republican National Committee, Vault Communications, and Nestle.

“We set out to represent our generation in the professional world and bridge the gap between the two,” Ellenbecker said. “We were privileged to meet with corporate leaders to hear their advice and answer their questions. We also got the chance to meet with several leaders at the White House to talk about the work being done by our president and first lady to build awareness of opioid addiction in America.”

Ellenbecker said it was a privilege to represent both LCSC and the state of Idaho during the trip.

“My biggest takeaway is the work ethic of these members; they inspired me so much and made me so excited for our future,” she said. “I’ve honestly never met such a hard-working group of people. I didn’t suspect otherwise, but it truly blew me away to see all the accomplishments these people have achieved and are striving to achieve. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of this community that is changing the game and continuing the conversation.”

Ellenbecker is working at Ellenbecker Eye Clinic as a marketing coordinator and office assistant. She also works at the Coeur d’Alene Resort as an onsite coordinator for the wedding department and as a barista in the Lobby Café. She is currently searching for job opportunities in her degree field with the eventual goal of working in the entertainment industry.