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LCSC Elementary Ed program earns national distinction

LEWISTON, Idaho – The Lewis-Clark State College Elementary Education program was selected as one of 21 undergraduate programs in the United States that reasonably aligns content coverage with most elementary content topics, according to a study produced by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

The study looked at 817 undergraduate programs across the country and LCSC was the only school in the Pacific Northwest to receive recognition. In all, just six schools in the West (three from Utah, one from California, one from Colorado, and LCSC) earned distinction. The data used in the study was collected for the 2016-18 Teacher Prep Reviews, which is published by the National Council on Teacher Quality.

The 21 programs have an admissions test into the program or aligned program coverage in at least two topics in English language arts, science, and social studies, and have adequate coverage in elementary mathematics. The 21 programs were recognized because they offer content-rich coursework in a variety of subjects that elementary school teachers are expected to teach.

“While ensuring our curriculum is aligned with what elementary teachers need to know is very important, what makes our graduates such great teachers is how well prepared they are to effectively teach children and manage their classrooms,” said Mark Haynal, chair of the LCSC Teacher Education Division.  “The quality and quantity of mentoring our students receive from faculty and the teachers who host their student teaching is what makes the greatest difference.”

The goal of the NCTQ is to help ensure that every child has an effective teacher, and that every teacher has the opportunity to be effective.

For more information on the LCSC Elementary Education program, contact Haynal at [email protected].