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LCSC reaches transfer agreement with ISU for biology students to earn master’s degree

LEWISTON, Idaho – Lewis-Clark State College and Idaho State University in Pocatello have signed a Transfer Articulation Agreement that will help LCSC biology graduates who qualify transfer to Idaho State’s Master of Science: Public Health program, officials from the two Idaho institutions have announced.

The program, which will start this fall, allows a qualified student to take three years of classes in LCSC’s biology program and two years in ISU’s graduate program, called a 3+2 degree program. The first-year classes at ISU will also transfer to count as the fourth year of classes at LCSC, thus enabling the student to earn their bachelor’s degree while at the same time, earning credits toward a master’s in public health.

The program consists of two phases. In the first phase, interested Lewis-Clark State College students declare the intention of going through the 3+2 degree program and biology as their major. The students will be assigned an academic advisor to help with the course planning. Students must complete three years of undergraduate work at LCSC and must pass the required biology and science courses.

To be admitted into the second phase of the program, a student must go through a competitive application and interview process by Idaho State University. Students are encouraged to apply through the ISU admissions process by April 1 during their third undergraduate year at LCSC after they have completed at least 72 credits. A student must also successfully complete all of ISU’s prerequisite coursework and fulfill all of ISU’s graduate school entry requirements.

Each year a minimum of three LCSC students, who meet the eligibility criteria and who are deemed qualified by ISU program faculty through the application process, will be accepted. Students who are not accepted can be placed on a waiting list, which will allow them the opportunity to finish their bachelor’s degree at LCSC.

Once admitted into ISU’s program, a student who completes the first year of Phase II classes at ISU will have a Bachelor of Science degree in biology conferred by LCSC. The student must submit a graduation application to LCSC and have the application approved.