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LC State’s Emerson is named English Language Fellow Alumni Ambassador for 2019-20

LEWISTON, Idaho – Judy Emerson, the academic coordinator for the Institute of Intensive English for Lewis-Clark State College’s International Programs office, has been selected as an English Language Fellow Alumni Ambassador for 2019-20 by the English Language Fellow (ELF) Program.

Emerson has worked at LCSC since 2016 where she supervises the development and helps provide the delivery of curriculum to international students in the college’s Institute of Intensive English program. The program specializes in helping these students improve their English proficiency so they can eventually enroll at a college or university in the United States.

As an alumni ambassador, Emerson has the task of recruiting individuals in the Pacific Northwest to apply to be an EL Fellow. To qualify for the fellowship, an individual must have a master’s degree in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) or related field as well as five years of teaching experience.

Individuals chosen as a Fellow will teach English in a developing country for 10 months and will receive a salary. Emerson served as a ELF in Mongolia where she taught for three years during 2012-16. She worked both with English teachers and students of all levels (pre-school to adults).

Emerson was one of 11 alumni ambassadors chosen, based on region, through an application process, which included explaining how the ELF Program effected their life and career. Also as an ambassador, her role is to show the Lewiston area and region the importance of the program to help all gain a better understanding of the global world and it’s connection to American life.

In August, Emerson was in Washington, D.C. for both training and to help current fellows prepare for the year abroad.

The program, which is in its 50th year, is administered by Georgetown University and falls under exchanges with the U.S. Department of State.