Female student smile on campus in the fall

LC State expects return to full college experience in the fall

LEWISTON, Idaho – With the increasing availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, Lewis-Clark State College administrators have announced that students can expect a full college experience next fall.

While LC State has successfully maintained in-person learning throughout the current academic year and some protocol-compliant events have taken place, administrators say next fall will feature a more complete return to normalcy.

“The hallmark of an LC State education is the robust learning experience both inside and outside the classroom, built on close interactions and real relationships between faculty, staff, students and the community,” LC State President Cynthia Pemberton said. “We’re proud of the quality in-person learning opportunities we’re able to provide this spring, but thanks to the availability of the COVID-19 vaccine, we look forward to offering and enjoying the comprehensive experiences and interactions that make our institution so special this fall.”

Pemberton says that while the college will continue to closely follow the guidance of state and health experts, and it also plans to augment its operations with technology efficiencies leveraged during the pandemic (e.g., Zoom), a return to near-normal operations for things like athletics, campus events, student activities, residence life, classrooms, labs, and travel is fully expected.

“Our students, faculty and staff have worked very hard to keep moving forward during the challenges of COVID-19 and we’re stronger because of it,” said Pemberton. “This fall, though we will continue to be vigilant when it comes to health and safety, we look forward to and invite students to join us in returning to the full and wonderful experience of connecting learning to life at LC State.”

Open registration for fall semester begins April 16. The fall admission application deadline is Aug. 8 and students can apply online for free at www.lcsc.edu/apply.