College Place

News Release

State Board gives approval for LC State to purchase College Place

LEWISTON, Idaho – Lewis-Clark State College received permission from the Idaho State Board of Education on Wednesday to pursue the purchase of College Place to maintain its current residential housing capacity and help meet housing demand.

College Place, located adjacent to campus at 814 4th St. in Lewiston, has been privately owned but managed by the college for more than a decade.

College Place was built and opened in 2006 by Lewiston developer McCann Limited Partnership. It is a three-story 28,976-square foot dorm with 22 suites and 88 beds, and a common area on the main floor. Each suite has its own kitchenette, along with four bedrooms.

The residence hall is open to all class levels, but the college attempts to keep classmates (i.e., freshmen with other freshmen) living together in each suite.

The owners recently made the decision to sell the property and, through negotiations, a tentative sale agreement has been reached for LC State to obtain the property for $5 million. The total property covers approximately 1 acre.

The property is directly across a parking area from the LC State Bookstore, Student Union Building/Center for Student Leadership, and Williams Conference Center. College officials say the purchase is important because of the property’s key location near campus and the high demand for student housing.

Last fall, without College Place, LC State would have had a waiting list of 100-plus students for on-campus housing.

The college also received approval from the board to authorize the issuance and sale of General Revenue Bonds for $4 million. The bond proceeds, along with institutional reserves, will be used to purchase the property.

LC State currently owns four residence halls – Clark, Talkington, Clearwater, and Parrish. LC State also owns the York House, reserved for non-traditional students, and the Elementary Education Living and Learning Program house.

For more information on residence halls at LC State, visit the Residence Life website.