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News Release

LC State to move student radio station to webcast format

LEWISTON, Idaho – Lewis-Clark State College is moving its college radio station format to a webcast, allowing it to reach a broader audience through streaming devices, college officials have announced.

KLCZ is a student-operated and student-managed radio station that has been broadcasting from the LC State campus since 2006. Because of the cost saving (less royalties), less maintenance and less equipment involved, college officials decided to move exclusively to the webcast format.

On Thursday, the State Board of Education formalized the webcast approach as it approved a request by the college to surrender its broadcast license and frequency for the radio station.

Even with the change, the same music programs and formats can be used on the webcast. The move also allows for more podcasts by students, who also serve as the DJs.

“It’s still a great educational broadcasting opportunity for students,” said Tate Smith, director of First Year Experience at LC State.

With some webcast functionality already in place, the full transition from radio to webcast is expected to be implemented in the coming weeks.