Graduate Certificate in Nursing Management & Leadership

Build on your experience and gain additional knowledge and skills toward a new career path. Coursework covers healthcare leadership and management, including skills that are applicable to executive administration with a diverse population in a global society.

This graduate certificate program is for BSN-prepared nurses and consists of five courses (13 credits) that can be completed fully online and prepares nurses to take the AONL/AACN Certified Nurse Manager and Leader exam.

  • Human Resource Management examines personnel functions including staffing, appraisal systems, training and development, labor-management relations, compensation, and safety.
  • Healthcare Policy discusses emerging trends in healthcare and world health systems, accrediting trends within healthcare institutions, and government and political influence on the provision of healthcare.
  • Healthcare Economics explores leading from a financial perspective including budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, non-profit and for-profit hospitals, the organization of health insurance markets, and health system reform.
  • Internship in Nursing provides the opportunity to engage with a healthcare leader to design, execute, and present a healthcare management capstone project that synthesizes knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program.


  • BUS 512: Human Resource Management
  • BUS 513: Organizational Behavior or BUS 560: Leadership
  • NU 582: Healthcare Policy
  • NU 584: Healthcare Economics
  • NU 594: Internship in Nursing

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Enrolling is Easy!

  1. Apply to the college (Be A Warrior) and select "Create Account - Graduate" (Apply Here)
  2. Email Dr. Lori Stinson ([email protected]) to advise of your intent to enroll.