Study people throughout time in all their cultural, social, and biological complexity and earn a minor that's a great addition to any program.

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Anthropology is a broadly focused interdisciplinary minor widely recognized for its cross-cultural and holistic approach towards better understandings of biological and cultural diversity within and between human populations. Introductory courses in the minor provide a foundation in cultural anthropology and pre-historic civilizations. Upper-division courses variously examine the relationship between culture and the environment, health, education, religion, human nature, sex, gender, and race and ethnicity. Remain an open-minded, but critical, lifelong learner. The minor is helpful for almost any career.

Related Careers

• Anthropology teacher, postsecondary, $93,500
• Anthropologist, $66,330
• Survey researcher, $60,700
• Human resource worker, $66,120
• Tour and travel guide, $29,160
• Curator, $58,830
• Librarian curator and archivist, $45,960

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at LC State. Both inside and outside the classroom ... I was genuinely pleased to have small class sizes and the ability to build a rapport with my professors.” - Andrew Corsberg ‘13

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