Explore some of the most urgent and fascinating topics of today with a minor in sociology.

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Sociology equips you with skills in real-world problem solving. You learn how to evaluate sound research. You develop a deep appreciation for how organizations work and how social context shapes human behavior. This minor is designed designed to enrich, complement, and/or supplement the formal education of your major. The minor is not solely, or even primarily, for Social Science majors. Popular career fields with this minor are in banking, business and human resources.

Related Careers

• Sociologist, $86,110
• Social scientist, $82,280

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“... Because LC State has impressive opportunities for students to participate in student government, clubs, and other events on top of being affordable and well-staffed with awesome people, I was able to successfully complete a study abroad program, participate in multiple conference events, and successfully enter a Ph.D. program. This was, in no small part, possible because of the low student-to-teacher ratio, particularly in the upper division courses...” - Dustin Ellis ‘14, Doctoral student

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