Behavioral Science

Gain a better understanding of human behavior and apply it to any number of career and academic pathways.

Degree Options Associate, Minor
Locations Lewiston, Online

This degree is designed to be completed in two years with a twofold purpose. First, it provides coursework and field placement experience in human services for persons who may want to enter this field of work at the paraprofessional level. Second, it provides a solid general education experience and can serve to enhance career mobility, to be the foundation for a baccalaureate program, or to prepare the student who wants to transfer to another institution. The program is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of human behavior and cuts across several academic and professional fields.

Related Careers

• Social, human service assistant, $35,960
• Community health worker, $42,000
• Pharmacy aid, $29,330
• Healthcare support worker, $42,000

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Buereau of Labor Statistics

“I could not be happier that I chose LC State as the foundation of my education ... As a first generation graduate student, the faculty couldn’t have done more to help me find my way through the challenging obstacles of applying for graduate school. I still find myself emailing some of them for help and advice when I feel stuck!” - MacKenzie Rieman ‘17

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