Engage in the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Explore a variety of career paths including counseling, research, and more.

You will learn from some of the top-ranked faculty at the college in the scientific study of the mind and behavior. While most sub-disciplines in the field of psychology are included in the program of study, developmental psychology, social psychology, and counseling/clinical psychology receive particular emphasis as bases for graduate study that lead to professions in health and medicine, law enforcement, personnel, and social work. LC State also has a Psychology: Secondary Education track for those who would like to teach.

Related Careers

• Psychologist, $82,100
• Clinical, school psychologist, $79,820
• Community, social service occupations, $47,500
• Counselor, $47,500
• Substance abuse, mental health counselor, $47,660
• Health education specialist, $56,500
• Psychology teacher, postsecondary, $78,180

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“As a graduate of LC State’s Psychology and Addiction Studies programs, I can honestly state that the quality of the faculty and curriculum was outstanding. The small class sizes and the faculty encouraged creative and honest classroom discussions, and many of the courses were developed and structured to give a graduate level education in an undergraduate setting.” - Amy Bond '18

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