Choose from a wide variety of upper level course offerings and shape the biology degree that is perfect for your academic and career path.

The biology major is designed to provide you with a solid foundation in biology through five core classes covering molecular, cellular, organismal, microbiological, ecological, and evolutionary biology. The flexibility in the program allows you and academic advisers to work together to design a program of study that best suits your strengths and interests. Upper division electives include courses such as immunology, mammalogy, and animal behavior. You can opt to participate in undergraduate research projects, serve as teaching assistants, or complete internships. Because of the breadth of course offerings, the biology program offers successful preparation for a wide-variety of career paths, including admission to graduate school and numerous health-related professional schools, such as medicine and dentistry. Some graduates are trained to enter the workforce as biologists with organizations such as Idaho Fish and Game, while others complete courses required for secondary education teaching certification.

Related Careers

• Biological Scientist, $84,060
• Life Scientist, $81,130
• Zoologist & Wildlife Biologist, $66,350
• Fish & Game Warden, $58,040
• Forest and Conservation worker, $30,640
• Dentist, $164,010
• Clinical Lab Technician, $54,180

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“I credit the biology degree program at LC State for my success as a source material development scientist at ALK. My instructors introduced me to many fields of biology, giving me a strong foundation on which I’ve continued to build. I learned to have confidence in my abilities, keep a killer lab notebook, and maintain integrity at all times, all of which have helped me get where I am today.” - Lindsey Barber ‘10

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