Natural Sciences

Study the world around you, develop a deeper appreciation of scientific fields, and be exposed to a range of disciplines.

A study in Natural Sciences provides you with an understanding of the concepts and principles of applying scientific inquiry. You will be exposed to a range of scientific disciplines.

The Teacher Education program prepares candidates for certification in grades K-12. The Secondary Education program requires 27 credits of Education course work in professional foundations and studies and 13 credits during internship. Students apply for admission to the program after successfully completing nine credits of Education course work in professional foundations.

The minor is especially valuable if you are in a STEM program such as Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Engineering, or Mathematics to develop a deeper appreciation of other scientific fields. The minor is not solely, or even primarily, for Natural Sciences & Mathematics majors. Students from many allied programs, including Kinesiology, pre-Nursing and Education, often pursue minors within the division.

Related Careers

• Science teacher, postsecondary, $73,650
• High School teacher, $62,870
• Natural Sciences manager, $137,940
• Conservation scientist, $64,020
• Forester, $63,980

Career data and salary information sourced from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Lewis-Clark State College has incorporated high level topics classes into the available classes. These topics courses can easily be applied to any major in the STEM program." - Kate Hunter ‘20

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Bachelor's: Natural Science: Secondary Education

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