Business Management

Prepare for higher-level positions in business in a program that focuses on your specific career goals and interests.

Degree Options Bachelor's, Associate, Certificate
Locations Lewiston, Coeur d'Alene, Online
Department Business Division

LC State offers students interested in business management a number of pathways.

Bachelor's degree (academic)
The Business Management major, offered either online and/or in the classroom, is designed to serve students who wish to develop a broad range of management competencies. The major has particular appeal to students who have completed a professional-technical program, transfer students with credit from one or more colleges or universities, or those who have gained occupational competencies from life and work experiences. The degree is a practitioner degree that is a good entry point to management training programs.

Associate degree (career-technical)
The first year of the program focuses on entry-level skills, attitudes, and knowledge. The second year emphasizes supervisory and personnel management skills as they relate to positions beyond those of entry-level in business, institutions, and public service. Courses allow for part-time employment in career-related jobs under the supervision of an instructor. The program provides a solid foundation for further education.

Degree Options

Bachelor's: Business Management

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Lewiston, Coeur d'Alene, Online

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