CNC Machining Technology

Gain skills in operating machining equipment, handling inspection devices, analyzing production problems, and supervision in a high-demand field.

Degree Options Associate, Certificate
Locations Lewiston

“The CNC technology program at LC State is one of the best CNC programs around. The members of the staff want to see you to succeed and that was one of the main driving forces that pushed me along the way to greatness, starting my own company the year after I graduated.” - Rafe Williams ‘16

This program provides training that prepares students to set up and operate machining equipment, handle inspection devices, analyze production problems, and move into supervision of machining. The program provides a balance between practical training in manufacturing processes and technical education in manufacturing analysis, planning, and control with supporting emphasis in communications, mathematics, science and business. Students obtain a strong background in machining, engineering graphics, material handling and processing, computers (CADD/CAM, CIM, CNC), manufacturing analysis and planning, and leadership skills.

Related Careers

• Computer controlled machine tool operators, $42,260
• Machine shops, turned products, $44,790
• Fabricated metal manufacturing, $38,500
• Machinery manufacturing, $45,800
• Metalworking machinery, $51,430
• Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing, $61,230
• Machinist and Tool and Die Maker, $47,040
• Machinists, $45,840

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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