Engineering Technology

Use your analytical and problem-solving skills to help tackle engineering challenges and forge a great career.

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An engineering technician inspects and tests equipment, analyzes plans for construction and design, writes up daily lab reports, and carries out any other necessary tasks delegated by the supervising engineer. A technician may work in the fields of mechanical, industrial, civil, electrical, aerospace, computer, or environmental engineering. The job description of an engineering technician involves a background in engineering, the ability to work well on a team, and strong analytical and problem-solving skills. This program uses applied training techniques in computer aided drafting, surveying and mapping (civil option), solid modeling and CNC machining (mechanical option), and other related skill sets. Computer technology is opening new educational and employment horizons and LC State's Engineering Technology program maintains close contact with industry leaders to track the latest opportunities. 

Related Careers

• Engineering technician, drafter, $58,900
• Surveyor, $65,590
• Engineer, $96,310
• Civil Engineer, $88,570
• Mechanical Engineer, $90,160
• Environmental Engineer, $92,120
• Civil engineering technician, $54,080
• Mechanical engineering technician, $58,230
• Surveying and mapping technician, $46,200

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“LC State is a great state school with the feel of a private school at a low cost. Engineering tech, in every field, is about aiding engineers by collecting, visualizing, editing data and eventually constructing, modifying, and problem solving ... I have no loans and have been able to work for a city, county, and now the Washington State Department of Transportation.” - Tyler MacMillan ‘17

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