Enhance your prospects as a coach in schools, youth organizations, recreation departments and more through a minor or LC State's new graduate certificate.

Degree Options Certificate, Minor
Locations Online, Lewiston

Graduate Certificate: Advance your coaching career with LC State’s Sport Coaching Graduate Certificate. In this twelve-credit, two-semester, fully online program, you will explore and advance your leadership methods to train athletes physically and mentally. The curriculum is aligned with the National Standards for Sport Coaches. The Sport Coaching Graduate Certificate is structured so that students can transfer seamlessly to a Master of Physical Education/Athletic Administration at Idaho State University.

Minor: Students interested in coaching in schools, youth organizations or recreation departments will gain the knowledge to understand the roles and responsibilities of a coach. As more athletic/recreation programs are requiring coaches to be certified, have exceptional playing experience, or have a minor in coaching, completing this minor will enhance your employability. 

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• High school coach, $36,330
• Secondary teacher, $62,870

“The variety of classes and the knowledge that each different professor brings to each class is something I believe would be hard to find at any other place. The atmosphere is wonderful and each professor truly gets to know their students and helps them in any way they possibly can.” - Caelyn Orlandi ‘17, assistant women's basketball coach

Degree Options

Certificate: Sport Coaching Graduate Certificate

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