Computer Science

Pursue the computer science career you want with a degree program that is as diverse as the field itself.

Degree Options Bachelor's, Minor
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Computer Science is a rapidly evolving discipline focusing on cyber security and information assurance, sensor networking and communications, computational science, and visualization, among others. Computer Science and Mathematics deal with abstractions, the high-level information, which you can then apply to design and build concrete objects. Develop the next best-selling app, design digital media, upgrade mobile devices, or break down possibilities within entertainment software design and gaming. Keep people safe, keep people entertained, or create a way to do both. It’s up to you.

Related Careers

• Computer information analyst, $93,800
• Information security analyst, $103,590
• Software developer, programmer, $110,140
• Computer programmers, $89,190
• Software developer, applications, $110,140
• Network and Computer Systems administrator, $84,810
• Computer support specialist, $55,510

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“The CS program at LC State helped me a lot in my career. The program is tailored in a way that helps you thinking critically. In my daily jobs, at the United Nations, I apply the competencies learned at LC State. I’m more proactive and my problem solving skills are excellent. The CS program helps prepare for real world jobs.” - Sory Diakite ‘12

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