Elementary Education

Become a great teacher at one of the most renowned teacher education programs in the Pacific Northwest.

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LC State produces some of the top elementary teachers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The school was founded more than 125 years ago with the mission of producing high quality teachers. LC State's Teacher Education program continues to draw recognition for its excellence. You will receive a variety of experiences and must complete classroom internships to receive a degree. Elementary Education students will have opportunities to learn about, evaluate, practice and refine a variety of teaching strategies based on best teaching practices as identified by professional organizations. 

Related Careers

• Elementary and secondary school teacher, public, $63,400
• Elementary and secondary school teacher, private, $58,550
• Special education teacher, $61,500
• Librarian, $50,860

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“As a graduate of LC State's teacher education program who later hosted interns as a classroom teacher and building principal, I can attest that the graduates of the program come to us well prepared and with a strong love of teaching and learning. Within 30 miles of Lewiston we have two considerably larger colleges with teacher education programs, yet the candidates from LC State are consistently the best prepared for the teaching profession.” - Alex Church

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Bachelor's: Elementary Education

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Lewiston, Coeur d'Alene, Online

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