Earn a degree that propels any career or academic path where critical thinking, clear communication, and effective writing skills are a priority.

An English degree is applicable in almost any profession. This field engages students’ responsive and analytical abilities, refines written and oral expression, and fosters creative and critical thinking about literature across cultures and times. In today’s job market, a high priority is placed on critical thinking, clear communication, and writing skills. This degree is considered a gateway to several graduate programs, including law and medical schools. A sense of community is strong among LC State English majors who provide a number of services to the campus community, including staffing the campus Writing Center.

Related Careers

• Post secondary English teacher, $65,440
• Primary and secondary teacher, $63,400
• Reporter and journalist, $49,300
• Writer and editor, $67,120
• Film and video editor, and camera operator, $61,900
• Public relations specialist, $62,810
• Technical writer, $74,650
• Interpreter and translator, $52,330

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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