Study history and gain practical insights into why the world is the way it is, and what might be next.

Degree Options Bachelor's, Minor
Locations Lewiston, Online

Historians examine, analyze, and interpret change and continuity in human societies over time. History provides an opportunity not only to learn  about the past, but also to gain important insights into the present. By understanding what has happened before, we can better understand and evaluate current information and events. As part of an integrated Social Sciences Program, the History major is designed to enhance your understanding of the world through the application of social scientific research skills to domestic, regional and global problems, as well as issues of diversity. The major provides practical insights into why and how the worlds we live in work the way they do.

Related Careers

• History teacher, postsecondary, $76,890
• History teacher, secondary, $63,400
• Archivist, $56,760
• Curator, $56,990
• Librarian, $60,820
• Librarian curator and archivist, $50,860

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

“LC State gave me the tools to find a career in museums through an internship opportunity, and I have been able to apply what I learned to my current career as a museum educator.” - Hailey Laven, Alaska Children’s Museum

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