Music Studies

Learn a new thing or continue doing what you love and perhaps even make a career out of it.

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Focusing both on performance and academics, this minor challenges you to become a better musician, to join others in community music-making, and to learn more about music in general. Performance opportunities include applied music (private lessons) and music ensembles, such as the LC State Choir and LC State Jazz Band. Coursework includes classes in conducting, music fundamentals, and a variety of music survey topics. The minor requires 28 credits, 11 of which are music electives.

Related Careers

• Music teacher, postsecondary, $93,440
• Music director, $95,430
• Music composer, $95,430
• Broadcast, sound and video technician, $57,710
• Musician and singer, $115.00 per hour

Career data and salary information is from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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