LC State Smoking Policy

Lewis-Clark State College has been designated as the non-smoking "fresh air" campus. In accordance with Idaho Code 39-5507, Clean Indoor Air, and Idaho Administrative Code IDAPA 16.02.23, Lewis-Clark State College has adopted the following non-smoking policy:

  • Smoking tobacco or similar substances in not allowed inside any College-owned or operated building.
  • Smoking tobacco or similar substance is not allowed outdoors on College-owned property on Normal Hill.
    • Except for the five designated peripheral parking lots shown on the Campus Map.
      • Three (3) lots on 4th Street, 11th Avenue, and one (1) lot on 6th Street.
  • In accordance with Idaho Code 39-5507, any person who refuses to either extinguish the lighted tobacco product or leave the premises is guilty of an infraction and is subject to a fine not to exceed fifty dollars ($50).
    • Violations may be reported directly to law enforcement.