Solomon Amendment & Military Recruiters

The Solomon Amendment is a federal law that requires colleges and universities to release the following information for currently enrolled students to the military for recruitment purposes:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Age or Date of Birth
  • Class Level (freshman, sophomore, etc.)
  • Academic Major

Students may restrict disclosure to the military by submitting a Directory Information Restriction Request form to the Registrar & Records Office to prevent directory or non-directory information from being released.  Placing a full non-disclosure hold on student records will cause any and all future requests for contact information from LC State persons, on non-essential matters, and from non-institutional persons and organizations, including scholarship organizations, prospective employers, transcript requests, etc., to be denied.  The restriction will remain in place even after students have stopped attending or have graduated from Lewis-Clark State College and will only be removed if rescinded in writing by the student.

Military Recruiters

Lewis-Clark State College may supply “student recruiting information” once each term to a unit within the Military Service.  There are 12 eligible units within the five branches of service:

  • Army: Army, Army Reserve, Army National Guard
  • Navy: Navy, Navy Reserve
  • Marine Corps: Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve
  • Air Force: Air Force, Air Force Reserve, Air Force National Guard
  • Coast Guard: Coast Guard, Coast Guard Reserve

Military recruiters must submit their requests in writing on official letterhead that clearly identifies their military recruiting organization.  If the information can not be uploaded to a secure portal, the recruiter can pick up the information or it will be mailed.  The recruiter also understands that a $200 fee will be assessed and will be paid upon receipt of invoice.