Dantes/DSST Credit Score Chart

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SubjectTestMinimum ScoreLC EquivalentCr
Arts & CommArt of the Western World400CORE DA3
Principles of Public Speaking400COMM 2043
English Principles of Advance English Composition400ENGL 1023
Technical Writing400ENGL 2033
HumanitiesEnvironmental Science (Environment and Humanity)400ID 300D3
Ethics in America400CORE INS3
Ethics in Technology400ID 300E3
TechnologyComputing & Information Technology400Lower Elect3
Ethics in Technology400ID 300E3
Fundamentals of Cybersecurity400Upper Elect3
Social ScienceOrganizational Behavior400HRPT 1853
MathBusiness Mathematics400GNBPT 2023
Principles of Statistics400MTHPT 1533
BusinessBusiness Ethics & Society400GNBPT 2703
Introduction to Business400
BUS 101 or
Management Information Systems400BUS 3553
Personal Finance400GNBPT 2023