LC State Residence Life seeks to provide a living environment welcoming for all students of all gender identities. Gender neutral students are welcome to live in spaces that align with their preferred gender preference.  Questions on the application help ensure that other students living with gender neutral students are supportive and open to this option and will help provide a welcoming and accepting environment to any student.

What is gender neutral housing?

As we strive to create a welcoming and safe residential experience, ensuring that roommates are accepting and supportive to students of all gender identities.

Is gender neutral housing just for LGBTQI+ students??

Gender neutral housing is not just for LGBTQI+; it is for anyone who wants to live with people with whom they feel comfortable - no matter their gender. Students who elect this option must be open to living with a person of any gender or gender identity. Students are interested in gender neutral housing for a variety of reasons. It is our hope that you make the best decision for you.

Both new and returning students are welcome to opt into gender neutral housing when filling out your housing application. We do strongly advise students NOT to live in a room with a partner or significant other. If you are wanting to live with a significant other, we strongly suggest looking at an off-campus apartment as a housing option.

What if a student does not want to live in gender neutral housing?

A student must identify on their application that they are interested in gender neutral housing in order to be considered. Students who do not identify an interest will not be considered and will remain eligible for single gender housing assignments.