Housing Options and Pricing

Where to live

Explore the housing options at LC State to find the best fit for you.

Residence Hall 2024-2025 Academic Year PricingFallSpring
Clark Hall (capacity 85)
Clark Hall Double/Triple$1,785$1,785
Clark Hall Single$2,100$2,100
Clearwater Hall (capacity 116)
Clearwater Hall Double$2,045$2,045
Clearwater Hall Single$2,470$2,470
Clearwater Hall Small Single$2,220$2,220
College Place (capacity 87)
College Place Single$2,625$2,625
Education LLC (capacity 15)
Education LLC Double$1,785$1,785
Education LLC Single$2,100$2,100
Living Learning Community (capacity 20)
Sleeping Porch$1,785$1,785
Parrish House (capacity 29)
Parrish House Double$1,785$1,785
Parrish House Single$2,100$2,100
Talkington Hall (capacity 88)
Talkington Hall Double/Triple/Quad$1,785$1,785
Talkington Hall Single$2,100$2,100
York House (capacity 9)
York House Small Single$1,890$1,890
York House Single$2,100$2,100
York House Single w/balcony or private 1/2 bath$2,390$2,390