Housing Options and Pricing

*Meal plan required for first year students, if returning students choose to purchase a meal plan, they will pay the 'College Place w/meal plan' room rate. Starting 2024-2025, all College Place residents will be required to purchase a meal plan.
Residence Hall 2023-2024 Academic Year PricingFallSpring
Clark Hall (capacity 85)
Clark Hall Double/Triple$1,700$1,700
Clark Hall Single$2,000$2,000
Clearwater Hall (capacity 116)
Clearwater Hall Double$1,950$1,950
Clearwater Hall Single$2,350$2,350
Clearwater Hall Small Single$2,115$2,115
College Place (capacity 88)
College Place Single (w/meal plan)*$2,500$2,500
Returning Students (w/out meal plan) *$2,891$2,891
Education LLC (capacity 15)
Education LLC Double$1,700$1,700
Education LLC Single$2,000$2,000
Living Learning Community (capacity 20)
Sleeping Porch$1,700$1,700
Parrish House (capacity 29)
Parrish House Double$1,700$1,700
Parrish House Single$2,000$2,000
Talkington Hall (capacity 90)
Talkington Hall Double/Triple/Quad$1,700$1,700
Talkington Hall Single$2,000$2,000
York House (capacity 9)
York House Small Single$1,800$1,800
York House Single$2,000$2,000
York House Single w/balcony or private 1/2 bath$2,275$2,275