Bachelor of Applied Science Degree

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree options are designed for individuals who have completed an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree and want to pursue additional education to strengthen their current or previous training and improve career advancement opportunities.

In most cases, our BAS students are currently working in their chosen technical field and the bachelor’s degree will enable them to move into leadership positions within their industry. Select BAS programs offer flexible scheduling opportunities for students, including online, hybrid, evenings/weekend, and condensed 8-week courses. Students will work directly with an advisor to develop a personalized curriculum plan that is designed to support their employment goals, as many plans are interdisciplinary in nature (i.e. consist of courses from multiple disciplines). LCSC accepts up to 50 credits from an applied associate degree and applies them towards the required 120 credit BAS degree requirements.

It is important to understand that the BAS degree does not identify a specific discipline major. Even though some plans may consist of courses from one discipline (e.g. communications, psychology, mathematics), the student is NOT a Communications, Psychology, or Mathematics major. Hence, the BAS student’s transcript and diploma will not indicate a specific major.

Business (BAS)

Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS)

For more information about the BAS options, please contact the Business Division Office at (208) 792-2293.