Psychology majors at LCSC are involved in conducting research. No need for you to wait until you are a graduate student to get faculty support to do meaningful research. Required courses (PSYC300, PSYC385, and PSYC499) prepare you to complete a senior research project before you graduate. Elective courses, PSYC399 – Research Assistantship and PSYC485 – Advanced Research Seminar, give you extensive contact with faculty mentors.

Many dozens of students who have taken advantage of these opportunities have presented their research over two decades running at regional, national, and international conventions in places like Boston, Washington DC, San Francisco, Honolulu, Cancun, Mexico, and Capetown, South Africa. In addition over two-dozen students have co-authored papers in professional psychology journals with faculty.

Stepping Stone to Success

Research skills gained as an undergraduate make our graduates successful in getting into a wide range of graduate schools.

Our graduates have gone on to attend many graduate schools in the region (e.g. Boise State University, College of Idaho, Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, Idaho State University, University of Idaho, University of Washington, and Washington State University), as well as, many across the country (e.g. Angelo State University, Arizona State University, Alliant University, Columbia University, George Mason University, Humboldt State University, University of Cincinnati, University of Hawaii, and University of Nevada, Reno).