Lewiston Social Work Program

Be among the most in demand!  Graduates of the LCSC Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program are among the most qualified and prepared human service professionals in the region.

Formal Application Process

Students take introductory social work courses often with their general core.  During the fall semester prior to their senior year, students formally apply to the Accredited Social Work Program.  Provisional acceptance may be given if students are in progress towards these requirements.  

Entry Requirements

  1. Completed 30 credits of General Education, including core Math and English 101
  2. Completed SW140: Introduction to Social Work and SW241: Social Work Practice Foundations with a B- or better
  3. Achieved an overall GPA of 2.5 or better
  4. Achieved a social work GPA of 2.7 or better

Field Application Documents

  1. Following admission to the program, students prepare for their following year’s field education by completing a Canvas application course due December 1st. The course contains two modules that will guide students through the process of preparing for field education and securing an internship.  Students will also submit their required medical documentation through Canvas. See “Field Process” for further information.

  2. Please review Medical Documentation expectations that are required within the Field Application.
    1. Visit Where to Go if you are looking for a location near you to complete your medical documentation.

Academic Advising

Social Work faculty are dedicated to working individually with each student in developing their graduation plan.  There are 18 required Social Work courses and a predesigned sequence in which they should be taken.  Here are three potential options that might fit your current need.

Important Documents

For a complete description of our program and faculty and student expectations, please explore our Student Handbook.

For a complete list of requirements, view our Social Work Program Plan
For a complete list of accepted Social Work Diversity/Language elective courses, download Diversity Courses.