Lewis-Clark State College is committed to maintaining a quality educational environment in which students can learn and begin to reach their potential. To maintain a quality environment, campus officials are also committed to complying with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. This page includes a summary of legal and regulatory compliance efforts for which campus personnel are accountable. It also includes information about reporting cases of alleged unethical behavior or other misconduct.

Compliance Program Policy: Section V. Financial Affairs Subsection Y

Lewis-Clark State College has formed a Compliance Committee to review decisions relating to noncompliance of laws, regulations and policies, and internal audit reports.  The Compliance Officer serves as chair of the committee.

Andy Hanson, Vice President for Student Affairs/Compliance Officer  ext. 2218

Ashley Edwards, Public Safety Director and Title IX Coordinator ext. 2226

Vacant, Faculty Representative

Vikki Swift-Raymond, Human Resource Services Director  ext. 2269

Laura Hughes, Financial Aid Director  ext.  2224

Mark McNabb, Controller  ext. 2335

Vacant, Classified Staff Representative

Brooke Henze, Athletic Director  ext. 2863