The Communications Board at LC State is composed of students, faculty and staff along with community volunteers for the purpose of providing a guidance for the college’s student media entities.

Student Led Media Entities

The Pathfinder is a student-run newspaper that reports on campus/student-related activities. Issues are published every other Thursday. Any LCSC student can write for The Pathfinder, and is eligible for compensation. The Pathfinder can now be accessed by searching for the “College News Source” App in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Once you download the College News Source App, open the app and start by searching “Pathfinder” or “Lewis-Clark State College” (with hyphen). You will receive push notifications for important events, such as the Career Fair, and updates when stories are published to the site. 

KLCZ is a free-form, non-commercial, educational radio station owned and operated by LC State students, faculty, and staff and broadcasts from Lewiston, Idaho on 88.9 FM at 224 Watts.

Talking River, LC State's biannual literary journal. The journal is a national publication, featuring creative work by some of this country’s best contemporary writers. Subscriptions are $10 per year (includes two issues ) and back issues are $10. Talking River occasionally publishes special issues and chapbooks — prices will vary.  

Meet Our Members

  • Broadcast Media Professional: Lisa Huddleston
  • Print Media Professional:

  • Pathfinder Student Editor: Gracyn Richardson*
  • Pathfinder Business Manager: Caden Massy
  • Student Member at Large: Thomas Storm*
  • CDA Student Member at Large:
  • ASLCSC Media Senator/Representative: Hannah Winter*
  • KLCZ Station Manager: Joe Salgado*
  • Talking River Review President: Carlee Smith*
  • Warrior Entertainment Board Representative:

* Denotes Voting Member of Communications Board

  • Faculty Representative: Teresa Carmack*
  • Communications and Marketing Representative:  Bert Sahlberg*
  • Budget Office Representative:  Cindy Patterson
  • Pathfinder Advisor: Seth Bradshaw
  • KLCZ Advisor: Ian Tippets
  • Talking River Review Advisor:  Jennifer Anderson
  • CDA Representative:
  • Coordinator of Student Involvement: Kristin Myers

* Denotes Voting Member of Communications Board

Contact Information

Student Involvement Office

Student Union Building/Center For Student Leadership 220

500 8th Avenue

Lewiston, Idaho 83501