A. Cover Letter (1 page)

In this document please clearly specify the following information:

  1. Proposal Title. The title of your proposal exactly as stated in your proposal description.
  2. Submission Date.
  3. Proposed Sabbatical Dates. Clearly specify which option you are pursuing: 1) one academic year at half pay or 2) one academic semester at full pay. Please also clearly specify the exact proposed dates (start and end) for the proposed sabbatical
  4. Contact Information. Applicant's full contact information, including division, campus address, email, and phone number.
  5. Applicant's Position, Rank, and Tenure Status. Indicate your current position, current rank, and tenure status (only for academic faculty).
    • Professional-Technical Faculty: tenure status does not affect your sabbatical eligibility.
    • Academic Faculty: tenure status does affect your sabbatical eligibility. The Idaho SBOE policy states that, for the case of academic faculty, sabbaticals may be only granted to tenured faculty. If you are tenured, please indicate so.
  6. Time-line for Eligibility. To be eligible for sabbatical, you must have completed at least 6 years of full-time service from date of (most recent) hire or return from (most recent) sabbatical.
    • For first time awards, indicate the date of hire, the date on which you plan to start your sabbatical if awarded, and the number of years in that period.
    • For faculty previously awarded a sabbatical, indicate the date of your most recent sabbatical, the date on which you plan to start your sabbatical if awarded, and the number of years within that period.
  7. Earnings during Sabbatical. If you expect to engage in any money-earning activities during the semester or academic year of your sabbatical, please explain the nature of the expected earnings. Policy 2.114 in section I.B. states: “Restrictions on Service and Salary.  Additional income may be derived from fellowships, part-time assistantships or other sources of limited income, but full-time employment while on sabbatical leave is not permitted unless specifically authorized by the President.”

B. Description of Proposed Sabbatical (6 pages or 2500 words maximum)

  1. Proposal Title. The title of your proposal exactly as stated in your cover letter.
  2. Objectives. Clearly state the objectives of the proposed sabbatical leave.
  3. Plan of Action/ Tasks/ Schedule. Indicate the duration of the proposed sabbatical, the proposed list of tasks or plan of action, and a tentative schedule. The list of proposed tasks should align with the objectives stated above.
  4. Expected Benefits. Your proposal must clearly address each of the areas listed in Policy 2.114 (I.E: 1 to 4 and 6). Reviewers will rate proposals based on each of these points (1-4, 6). If any of these points do not apply to your proposal clearly indicate so and provide an explanation.
  5. Alignment between Objectives and Expected Benefits. The proposal must clearly address the linkage between the objectives and the expected benefits. Reviewers will evaluate proposals, in part, based on your ability to demonstrate that the objectives and proposed plan of action / tasks adequately align with the expected benefits. Ensure you clearly connect each of the objectives and tasks with each of the points in Policy 2.114 (I.E.: 1 to 4 and 6).
  6. Report of Previous Sabbatical Activities (Former sabbatical awardees only). If you previously have been awarded a sabbatical leave from LCSC, attach the report(s) of activities and accomplishments as specified by the policy (2.114) in section I.D for all previous awards. This sub-section should be submitted as a separate document and is not counted in the page or word limit.

C. Current Curriculum Vitae