Sabbatical leaves provide a necessary opportunity for self-renewal through acquiring new professional skills, updating existing professional skills and knowledge, conducting research, furthering education, traveling, studying, etc. to maintain currency in specific fields. Such leaves are beneficial to the faculty, their students and the institution.


Dr. Alex Bezzerides (full year Sabbatical)

  • Preparation of a final manuscript focused on evolutionary origins of the aches and pains of the human body; write a book proposal; and, furthering knowledge as a naturalist through immersion in the biologically rich environment of Costa Rica.

Ms. Julie Bezzerides (full year Sabbatical)

  • Diversifying skills in Spanish language through Writing Proficiency Test Rater Certification and language immersion in Costa Rica.

Dr. Peter Remien (fall 2020 Sabbatical)

  • Complete co-edited book, Nature and Literary Studies; redesign two general education courses.

Dr. Louis Sylvester (spring 2021 Sabbatical)

  • Writing, editing and presenting a middle-grade novel; develop proposals for new books/ series.

Dr. Amanda Van Lanen (fall 2020 Sabbatical)

  • Continuation of two research projects: U.S. Food Administration during World War I and Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition promotional fair.

Dr. Heather Van Mullem (fall 2020 Sabbatical)

  • Continuation of four existing research projects related to sport studies; renewal.


Dr. Michael Edgehouse (full year Sabbatical)

  • Personal renewal, extensive literature review and completion of manuscripts from previous research.

Dr. Elizabeth Martin (full year Sabbatical)

  • Study relationship between biological soil crust & vascular plant species-Contribute to the herbarium collections at LC.

Ms. Angela Wartel (fall 2019 Sabbatical)

  • Create experiential learning manual for students, develop a new course, Prisons in America, and convert JS201 to online format.

Dr. Gary Mayton (spring 2020 Sabbatical)

  • Explore key current and relevant topics related to media and technologies for teaching, learning and communication.


Dr. Peter Van Mullem (fall 2018 Sabbatical)

  • Research in coach development: Data collection, analysis & implementation.


Dr. Matthew Johnston (spring 2018 Sabbatical)

  • Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Metalorganics Hydrogen Sulfide Sensors

2017-2018 Mini Sabbaticals

Ms. Jessica Savage (spring 2018 Mini Sabbatical)

  • The Effects of Plyometric Training on the Muscle Activation Characteristics in Post-Pubescent Adolescent Females

Dr. Rachelle Genthos (spring 2018 Mini Sabbatical)

  • The Organic Chameleon:  Naturally Occurring Behaviors in a Behavioral Mimicry Context


Dr. Kenneth Wareham (full year Sabbatical)

  • STEM Action Center Fellowship.

Dr. Ed Miller (full year Sabbatical)

  • Create Course materials for MATH 123.

Ms. Nancy Lee-Painter (full year Sabbatical)

  • Theatre making across discipline.

Dr. Michelle D’Arcy-Evans (full year Sabbatical)

  • Recapturing the Art and Science of Maternity Care.

Dr. Teri Rust (spring 2017 Sabbatical)

  • Teaching Inspiration & Compassion Research.

2016-2017 Mini Sabbaticals

Dr. Alex Bezzerides (fall 2017 Mini Sabbatical)

  • Completion of a detailed table of contents and a sample chapter for a non-fiction book about evolution and anatomy