How to Access Your Transfer Equivalency Report

A Transfer Equivalency Report is the official evaluation of your transfer credits and how they equate to LC State courses.

The Registrar and Records Office evaluates your transcript(s) to determine what transfers to LC State as General Education Core classes only. Transfer credits, which count toward your intended major, will be evaluated by your faculty advisor. You are responsible for meeting the individual requirements of your selected curriculum. You must visit with your advisor as soon as possible to begin this evaluation process*.

*Please allow up to three weeks for the Registrar's Office to complete an official evaluation of your general education coursework

Log into WarriorWeb. Once you are logged in click on the 'menu' tab

Screen shot of WarriorWeb main menu with arrowing pointing to the 'menu' tab

Once you are in the menu, please refer to the link titled 'Transfer Summary' under 'Academics'.

Screen shot of student menu with arrows pointing to 'Transfer Summary' tab

Click on Transfer Summary and it will bring up the Transfer Summary page. You can click on Expand All to see how credits will transfer from every school you have attended at once or you can click on each individual school to see them one at a time.

Credit is not accepted for courses deemed to be developmental in nature or for courses that did not receive a passing grade.

If your Transfer Equivalency Report includes a "CORE-ID" equivalency, you are considered General Education  core complete at LC State. You might, however, be required to complete one or more lower-division prerequisite courses as determined by your major and/or advisor.

If your Transfer Equivalency Report includes a "CORE-ST" equivalency, you are considered General Education core complete at LC State. You will receive this code if you have already completed a bachelor's degree from a United States academic regionally accredited institution.

Please note that transfer credits will not populate into the ‘Progress’ section of Warrior Web until official transcripts have been received and evaluated. Unofficial transcript equivalencies will still appear on the ‘Transfer Summary’.  


Contact the Registrar's Office at 208-792-2223 or [email protected].