The Faculty Referral Program is designed to identify students who are experiencing academic difficulty throughout the semester.

By identifying these students, advisors in The Advising Center can address their needs, increasing the likelihood of their academic success. The program aids in the early detection of students who:

  • Are performing poorly in class,
  • Chronically absent or tardy,
  • And having other problems that may be affecting their academic performance.

If you notice that a student begins to show signs of struggle in your class, please fill out the form linked below. An advisor will contact the student who you referred and invite them to come in to discuss strategies for college success, and campus resources that may be helpful to the student.

"At-Risk" students are:

  • Provisionally admitted students
  • Students who have been placed on probation or suspension
  • First-year students with midterm grades below 2.0
  • Students referred by an instructor or advisor
  • Academically disadvantaged
  • Those whose “skills, knowledge, motivation, and/or academic ability are significantly below those of the ‘typical’ student in the college or curriculum in which they are enrolled” (Maxwell)
  • Students with low academic self-concept
  • Those with unrealistic grade expectations and inadequate study skills
  • Not Learning but memorizing the material
  • Unrealistic about their career expectations or degree
  • Not able to effectively handle own affairs/low self-efficacy
  • Not self-disciplined