Many supportive measures are available as part of an informal resolution, throughout a formal resolution process, and beyond in some circumstances.

Supportive measures include, but are not limited to:

  1. Relocating an on-campus student’s housing to a different on-campus location
  2. Assistance from College staff in completing the relocation
  3. Changing an employee’s work environment (e.g., reporting structure, office/workspace relocation)
  4. Transportation accommodations
  5. Visa/immigration assistance
  6. Arranging to dissolve a housing contract and a pro-rated refund
  7. Exam, paper, and/or assignment rescheduling or adjustment
  8. Receiving an incomplete in, or a withdrawal from, a class (may be retroactive)
  9. Transferring class sections
  10. Temporary withdrawal/leave of absence (may be retroactive)
  11. Campus safety escorts

Students and employees have the right to have the College maintain such supportive measures for as long as necessary and no formal report, or investigation (either campus or criminal), needs to occur before supportive measures are available.