Resolution Procedures

LC State will act on any formal or informal notice/complaint of violation of the policy prohibiting discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation that is received by the Title IX Coordinator, or designee, or any other Official with Authority by applying procedures known either as Process A or Process B.

The procedures outlined in the Resolution Procedures related to Policy 3.110 apply to all allegations of harassment or discrimination on the basis of protected class status involving students, staff, administrators, or faculty members.

A set of technical dismissal requirements within the Title IX regulations may apply as described within the procedures, but when a technical dismissal under the Title IX allegations is required, any remaining allegations will proceed using Process B.

While the effect of the Title IX regulations can be confusing, these resolution procedures apply to all policies outlined in College Policy 3.110.  Process B will be applicable in those cases which do not meet the requirements of Process A or when technical dismissal requirements have been met, as determined by the Title IX Coordinator.

Refer to the Resolution Procedures for Policy 3.110 Violations document to review the procedures in their entirety.