WarriorWeb for High School Teachers

WarriorWeb is the online portal to the LCSC student information system. As a faculty member, it is the tool used for grade submission, roster confirmation, etc.

All faculty and staff must complete an online FERPA Tutorial before given access to WarriorWeb.

  • FERPA Tutorial - In order to log in to WarriorWeb, you must first complete the FERPA Tutorial. Go to the FERPA Website and click on "FERPA Tutorial". After completing the tutorial, you will enter your seven-digit ID number. If you don't know your ID number, contact Human Resources at (208) 792-2269 or Early College Programs at (208) 792-2280.
  • User ID - User IDs are typically your first initial, middle initial and entire last name. For example, John David Smith would be: jdsmith.
  • Password - If you have never logged on to WarriorWeb before, your password is your 8-digit birthdate. If you have previously used WarriorWeb, your password will be the same as it was the last time you accessed the site.
  • Help - If you are unable to login to WarriorWeb, call (208) 792-2231 or email: [email protected].

  • Access the "Faculty" category and click on the course for which you want to review the roster.
  • Use the "Roster" tab to see a list of dual credit students enrolled in the class.
  • You must review your rosters to confirm that students are accurately registered.
  • Any roster discrepancies should be reported to your school counselor or Early College Programs.

  1. Access the "Faculty" category and click on the course for which you need to submit grades.
  2. In the Section Details screen, navigate to the Grading tab, bringing you to Grading Overview.
  3. Access the "Final Grade" tab.
  4. Using the drop-down for each student, select their grade.
    • If submitting an Incomplete ("I"), an expiration date is required no later than the following full term.
  5. There is no "Submit" button. The grade will auto-save after each student.
  6. You may view the grades you've submitted by using the Grading Overview of each course.
  7. Grade changes must be submitted using the Grade Change form on the Registrar's Office Website. Grade changes will be accepted up to one year after the course term.
  8. Please email our office at [email protected] if there are discrepancies on your grade roster.

For additional information on grading, visit Faculty & Adviser FAQ