WarriorWeb for High School Teachers

WarriorWeb is the online portal to the LCSC student information system. As a faculty member, it is the tool used for grade submission, roster confirmation, etc.

All faculty and staff must complete an online FERPA Tutorial before given access to WarriorWeb.

  • FERPA Tutorial - In order to log in to WarriorWeb, you must first complete the FERPA Tutorial. Go to WarriorWeb and click "Enter" and then "FERPA Tutorial". After completing the tutorial, you will enter your seven-digit ID number. If you don't know your ID number, contact Human Resources at (208) 792-2269 or Early College Programs at (208) 792-2280.
  • User ID - Once you have a login, enter WarriorWeb and click on "What's My User ID?".
  • Password - If you have never logged on to WarriorWeb before, your password is your 8-digit birthdate. If you have previously used WarriorWeb, your password will be the same as it was the last time you accessed the site. If you have forgotten your password, use the "What's My Password" link.

  • The "Class Roster" link will provide a list of the courses you teach for the term you've selected.
  • Simply select the course to view the list of students enrolled in the class.
  • You must review your rosters to confirm that students are accurately registered.
  • Any roster discrepancies should be reported to your school counselor or Early College Programs.

  1. To input grades for your courses click on the "Submit Grades" link.
  2. Using the drop down box, select the appropriate term and click "Submit".
  3. Using the drop down box, select "Midterm" or "Final" grading and click "Submit".
  4. A course roster will then be displayed with the names of active students and their ID numbers.
  5. Type the grades in the "Grade" box to the right of each name. Grades are not case sensitive. Only use expiration dates for incomplete grades ('I').
  6. Once you have entered grades for all of your students, click "Submit".
  7. You can see/print the grades you’ve submitted by using the ‘View grades’ link at any time. If the grades appear on the ‘View grades’ link, they have been submitted properly.
  8. Grade changes can happen at any time via WarriorWeb.
  9. Email [email protected] if there are discrepancies on your grade roster.

For additional information on grading LCSC Grading Guide