Faculty & Advisor FAQ

Faculty advisors provide professional mentoring and assist students in selecting courses that are specific to their chosen major. Faculty advisors are the first resource for connecting students with opportunities in their field, such as internships, co-ops and field experiences, professional knowledge of the industry, and possible career paths.

Please see the Course Sections document for information about the different course section designations.

Enrollment must be confirmed for students by noon on the 5th day, and 10th day only for those students who did not attend the first week of the semester. You do not have to wait for these deadlines. If you can verify attendance for all students on day 1, please do so. For online courses, this means an introductory discussion post or email response to the instructor is necessary for confirming participation.

Remember, enrollment confirmation submitted by NOON on day 10 should only include students who were not counted in your 5th day submission. In other words, each student should only be reported once per class.

Please see the Enrollment Confirmation Procedures for further instructions.

Faculty Consent: When the course you teach requires instructor permission (at all times, not just after 5th day), the student will need your consent in order to register for the class. Faculty consent does not override capacity restrictions if your section is full. Students may forward the Registrar's Office an email with the instructor's written permission to be added to the class.

Requisite Waiver: Faculty may need to waive pre- or co-requisites in order for specific students to register. Faculty may now waive these requisites themselves in Student Planning.

Add Authorization: After the 5th day of the semester, all students will need your permission to register for your course. The student can then register themselves via WarriorWeb. No "Add Code" is needed once you complete the add authorization steps. Add Authorization does not override capacity restrictions if your section is full. Students may forward the Registrar's Office an email with the instructor's written permission to be added to the class.

All instructions can be found on the Faculty Resources page.

Please see the Grading Guide for information about submitting grades, grade changes, pass/fail grades and more.

An incomplete grade is given at the discretion of the instructor when the student has made substantial progress (at least 80% of coursework completed) toward completion of coursework.

For all 'I' grades, the date of completion may be no later than one subsequent semester. Faculty members have the prerogative to extend the completion date for a grade of Incomplete one additional semester under exceptional or extenuating circumstances. The exact date of completion will be specified by the instructor. On that date, the incomplete will expire to an 'F' if no other grade is assigned by the instructor.  If the Incomplete is received during a Spring or Fall session, the student has one full semester following that session in which to complete the course (summer sessions do not count as a full semester).

Mid-term grades are not official grades (as they are not posted to the transcript nor impact the GPA). Mid-term grades are required for all academic courses numbered 1-299.

Final grades are required for all courses.

Both mid-term and final grades can be entered through WarriorWeb.

Your advisees will need you to click "advisement complete" in WarriorWeb before they are able to register for courses. This is done while viewing their planned schedule in Student Planning. You must release each student individually for registration. Please do not release a student to register if you have not talked with the student about their classes for the semester. If the student is still unable to register, please direct them to the How do I Register for Classes? page.

Advisors are responsible for reviewing each advisee's TRER and deciding which courses should count towards the student's program. View the Transfer Guide for previously made equivalencies. Credits brought in as Elect-999 may have an LC equivalent course that has not been evaluated yet. See your division chair/admin for equivalencies.

Elect-999 = General credit awarded
Elect-777 = No credit awarded, remedial coursework
Elect-555 = No credit awarded, failed coursework

The status of PR indicates that the Registrar's Office has not received an official copy of the transcript. These credits will not pull into the degree audit, nor will they override prerequisites.

Waitlisting ends one week before the term begins.

Explicit permission from the Chair of the Division that houses the class is needed before the Registrar's Office can override a waitlist.

Not all classes or sections offer a waitlist.